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Product DetailsAmbrotose

Mannatech hold more than 50 patents worldwide for the technology relating to their Ambrotose® Complex glyconutrient formulation. Made from the richest plant source polysaccharides, this unique supplement is an exclusive blend of essential plant sourced nutrients. Polysaccharides, or sugars, regulate essential cell interactions that keep your immune system working at it’s very best. Ambrotose Complex – the smart phone of the supplement world, encourages and supports the reactions between your cells.

Australian research shows that these plant polysaccharide nutrients can improve memory and enhance mood – keep you feeling extra well!

Ambrotose Complex also contains Manapol® powder, an aloe vera gel powder that is rich in acemannan. Many healing properties, such as enhancing your immune system function, have been attributed to acemannan.


Proprietary plant polysaccharide blend** (Aloe vera inner leaf juice extract†, Arabinogalactan Larix, tragacanth, ghatti gum, glucosamine hydrochloride (seafood origin). Also contains rice starch.


I am allergic to aloe vera. Can I take products that contain Ambrotose® complex?

Please consult your physician before taking.

I am allergic to shellfish. Can I use the Ambrotose® powder?

Please consult your physician before taking.

Is it okay to mix Ambrotose powder in hot liquids?

Yes, Ambrotose powder can be mixed in hot liquids, such as soups or teas. For maximum effectiveness the product should be consumed in a short period of time.

What is a glyconutrient?

Glyconutrients are dietary supplements containing beneficial amounts of polysaccharides. These compounds are demonstrating powerful effects on human health, particularly immune, digestive and cognitive functions. Mannatech was among the first dietary supplement companies to recognize and capitalize on glyconutrient technologies.

When I measure out Ambrotose® powder using a measuring spoon, I often get a different number of spoonfuls from one jar to the next. Why is this?

The filling of the jars is measured by weight, not volume. Because this is a natural product, there is sometimes a variation of density in the ingredients. This may affect the number of servings obtained using a teaspoon (a volume measurement) but does not change the number of servings by weight.When the product is dispensed into the containers the weight is used to determine the fill. Each jar is individually weighed during the time of dispensing, and a sampling is taken and reweighed prior to distribution of the batch. We are confident that the weight is correct.


What Should I know about Ambrotose complex powder?

•Plant and food sourced.

•Highest quality ingredients.

•Product of Australia.

•Based on exclusive patented technology.


How can I benefit from Ambrotose complex powder?

•Can help in immune system function

•Can help in optimal digestive function

•Can help in cell-to-cell communication

•May enhance recall and recognition function

•May improve mood and decrease irritability