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Dr Stuart Clarke Bio

Dr Stuart Clarke has been working as a Chiropractor for the last 23 years, and in the Adelaide Hills for the last 14 years.

‘I have been a Chiropractor for over 23 yrs and have been running my own practice for the last 14 years. During this time I have been able to help many thousands of people move towards a life of better health and wellness, which has been a very rewarding experience to be part of. It has been great to be able to continue to care for many of my original clients from 23 years ago.’

‘During this time, I have specialised in taking on and resolving difficult spinal problems. What can I say? I like a challenge and enjoy caring for people who feel like they have run out of options.’

‘Many of my care procedures involve the clients taking an active part in their care which helps to minimise the costs to themselves, and helps empower them to take control of their own health. It is in helping clients understanding how their body works that allows them to chart their own path to a successful, happy and enduring lifestyle.’

‘It is as a caring and informative health practitioner, a father and grandfather that I understand the importance of a good and healthy lifestyle. How the body moves, thinks and is nourished, gives vitality and long years to a persons’ life. The earlier you start the better chance you have. But as always, it’s never too late to start!’

Dr. Stuart has worked with others within and outside of his profession to help clients get the best out of their lives.  He has given countless lay lectures to people in the Adelaide Hills to help with the understanding of the body and how it functions. As a chiropractor and public educator, his main desire is to see the health of Australians improve by increasing their understanding of TRUE HEALTH.