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ChinaMed® Capsule Range

Traditional Chinese Medicine at Australian Standards

Please note: China Med is a Practitioner Only Prescription range.

A unique feature of the ChinaMed® range is that each formula has been named and labeled so that you are able to see at a glance the major indications for each product.


Capture - Clear the ToxinsClear the Toxins

Alleviates the symptoms of fever, swelling & inflammation




Capture - CNFCNF (Cold and Flu) Relief

Treats the signs & symptoms of colds & flu’s




Capture - Cough ClearCough Clear

Clears the lungs, resolves phlegm & relieves coughing from the common cold, flu & bronchitis




Capture - HayfeverHayFever

Unblocks the nasal passages, reduces swelling & alleviates pain





Capture- Menoupause 1Menopause 1 & 2Capture - Menoupause 2

Designed to treat varying symptoms of menopausal syndrome






Relieves the physical & emotional symptoms related to pre-menstrual syndrome




Capture - Stress Relief 1Stress Relief 1

Calms the mind & emotions, induces relaxation & promotes sleep





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