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How do we get subluxations?

There are many ways our spines can get subluxated as most of us live in a fast paced, busy and stressful environment.

Something that you may find surprising is that many subluxations can occur in-utero or during the birthing process due to difficult labour, the use of forceps or vacuum extraction during delivery. As children grow many have accidents, falls, knocks and bumps. As they continue through school, many play physically demanding sports, carry heavy school bags incorrectly and spend lots of time sitting with poor posture. Stress, poor diet and accidents in adult hood are also ways our spines become subluxated.

Our feet are also a major contributing factor when it comes to subluxations. Good posture actually begins at your feet; these being the foundation of the rest of your body. If any of the three arches in the feet have collapsed, this can cause the supporting foot ligaments to become overstretched. This overstretching allows the foot and leg to roll in excessively which has a flow on effect, up through the knees, pelvis, through the spine, into the shoulders and right up to the neck. Amazing! Chiropractic Family Care is the only Chiropractic Practice in the Adelaide Hills, Mt. Barker that has Footlevelers Electronic Scanning Technology available for our clients.

It is important to note that while subluxations can cause pain and discomfort, often they can sit in our spine for many years with no pain, even though they are doing damage to the health of our spine and the rest of our body.