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I only hurt my back the other day, it should be simple to correct in a treatment or two shouldn’t it?

We hear this all the time, ‘I only hurt my back the other day while I was lifting a bag of cement. I’ve never had a problem until last Friday’.

While the pain, inflammation and spasm in the injured area may have started a few days ago; in almost every situation there is an underlying weakness caused by a subluxation that may have been silently sitting in the spine for weeks, months or in many cases years and years.

The body has an amazing capacity to be able to compensate for when things are not right, always trying to maintain balance but there is only so far that the body’s ability to compensate can take us. Often it’s the bag of cement or the seemingly innocent sneeze that tips us over the edge and takes us past the point of compensation and into the arena of acute pain and trauma of the neck and/or spine.

So while the pain may have started a few days or weeks ago, the actual UNDERLYING CAUSE of the injury has been there for a very long time. Hence, the body needs to be given time for it to heal. The acute phase of pain and inflammation may settle within a few treatments but the underlying cause of this pain and inflammation needs time to be able to be corrected properly for long lasting healing and strengthening to occur.

During a clients’ treatment, time will be taken to explain what is going on with their body and what to expect in the next phase of care.