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How We Move

As humans, we are designed to be on the move all of the time. Due to the Western work life and lifestyle, most of us lead sedentary lives. Our bodies have been designed to need an absolute minimum of 30 minutes of exercise everyday. This exercise can take many forms such as a brisk walk, gardening, Pilates, Tai Chi, swimming, bushwalking etc.

Chiropractic adjustments assist in your body’s ability to be able to move the way it was designed to. Each joint in your body (including the spine) needs movement to work at their optimum. While chiropractic adjustments alone will not make you healthy, it is impossible to be healthy without chiropractic.

Information taken from ‘Innate Physical Fitness & Spinal Hygiene’
by James L. Chestnut  B. Ed., M. Sc., D.C., C.C.W.P.




Healthy Tips

Tips to get your body moving & give it the exercise it needs.












 Postural Exercises