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Slow Release Rub


Natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief. Encourages local circulation and deep tissue repair. Excellent for achy legs, sore muscles and joints. Use on bumps, knocks or sporting injuries.

Slow Release Rub

Product Description ———

This rub contains various highly active natural anti-inflammatory ingredients which have been shown to assist in the healing of bruises, crush injuries, fractures, sprains and contusions.

These natural ingredients can greatly encourage deep tissue repair, reduce pain and swelling as well as vastly increase local circulation and blood flow around the injury site. These effects can result in faster healing and better tissue regeneration.

One application of this rub can provide effective continuous pain relief for up to 8 hours.

When Roseneath Slow Release Rub is combined with the use of the Roseneath Deep Relief Oil or Roseneath FAST Acting Relief Spray then effective continuous pain relief can be attained for up to 16 hours !

Contains –

Unbleached Bees Wax

CO Coconut Oil

Fresh BD Aloe GelFast-Spray

BD Mustard Oil

Oil of Wintergreen

Menthol (Mentha Arvensis)

White Camphor

Chilli Extract

CO Shea Butter

Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

Lecithin Ethanol

CO Arnica Extract

BD Elder Leaf Extract

BD St Johns’ Wort Extract

Essential Oils of Juniper

Clove,Lemon Grass


Black Pepper

Sweet Marjoram & Wild Thyme

Guaiacwood Extract

Witch Hazel Extract

CO Apple Cider Vinegar

BD Mullein Extract

Flaxseed Oil

Olive Oil

Vegetable Glycerine (Food Grade)

CO Astragalus Extract

CO Ginger Extract

BD Yarrow Extract

Myrrh Gum Extract

CO Vanilla Extract

Peru Balsam

Essential Oils of Rosemary Tops

Spike Lavender Tops

Cajeput Leaf

Lemon Peel

Mentha Arvensis Leaf

Citronella Grass & Vetiver Root

Pine Oil Extract

Xanthan Gum

Guar Gum

Acacia Gum

Citrus Pectin


CO-Certified Organic Ingredient

BD-Certified Bio-Dynamic Ingredient