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Dehydrated (Dried) Water Kefir Grains 10 grams


To rehydrate dry Water Kefir Grains:

In a glass jar put:

1 cup of plain spring/ mineral water

10 grams (1 Tablespoon) dry Water Kefir Grains

Cover jar with cloth

Leave to plump up for 24 hours

Strain in fine mesh strainer

Feed with the basic water kefir sugar / water recipe after grains are plumped up.


Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains are grains that have become dormant after being dried. To become fully active and able to grow dried grains may require several batches of culturing (it is considered drinkable after a couple or so batches).

These are hardy, freshly-dehydrated and ready to produce once fully rehydrated! Keep in mind that these grains can thrive in any desired sugar and will change colour based on the sugar used. Note: Due to its antibiotic properties which have a negative effect on the grains, honey is not a recommended substitute.



Basic sugar / water recipe


Clean glass jar

2 cups Spring / mineral water

¼ teaspoon of black strap molasses

1 rounded Tablespoon raw sugar

1 slice of unwaxed lemon – (don’t squeeze)

Pinch of bi-carb soda

2 Tablespoons Water Kefir crystals (use all the contents of the container you receive)


  1. Cover opening with cloth & rubberband.
  2. Culture for 24 hours to max of 72 hours in a warm environment (small bubbles will form on the top of the water), smells like lemonade with a slight sour smell.
  3. Strain off liquid using fine mesh nylon strainer and retain kefir crystals.
  4. Chill strained kefir in fridge and enjoy!
  5. Wash kefir crystals and start the culture process off again (it is likely that the crystals will multiply after cultures so please adjust recipe accordingly).



**Water Kefir Starter Kits now available in clinic**