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What To Expect On Your Second Visit

Once the X-rays have been viewed by the Chiropractor, the X-rays will be explained in a way that is easy to understand and a tailored treatment schedule will then be recommended, specific to the individuals’ needs and the health and wellness goals that they may have.  This Report of Findings visit is a 20 minute visit.

The spine & neck will be adjusted using a gentle combination of techniques ranging from light repetitive adjustments to encourage rather than force the movement of the joints using our drop piece tables, the use of the iQ impulse adjusting instrument, AK technique (muscle testing), NK technique (stimulates the nervous system to relax) and manual adjustments when necessary or when requested.

One of the 4 piece drop tables at Chiropractic Family Care Mt. Barker

Dr Stuart Clarke adjusting a small child at Chiropractic Family Care Mt Barker