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What To Expect When You Visit

From the moment you walk in, our Chiropractic Practice in the lovely Adelaide Hills, Mt. Barker, is a place designed for you to feel welcome, comfortable and at ease. We understand that for many New Clients this is their first experience in a Chiropractic Practice, so for you to know in advance what to expect, is a great thing!


*   What To Expect On Your First Visit

The Initial Consultation for a New Client is approx a 30 minute appointment. A complete history and a full spinal examination is conducted at this visit.  All of our treatment is done through the clothes so no changing or undressing is necessary. We always ask clients to arrive 10 minutes before their appointment so they have enough time to fill out the New Client forms. Most often, clients will be referred for Spinal X-rays before any treatment commences. In the majority of cases this is bulk billed through Medicare.

We are situated at 44 Adelaide Rd, Mt Barker (Adelaide Hills) South Australia. Parking is available behind the practice, accessible from Druids Ave.


**  What To Expect On Your Second Visit

Once the X-rays have been viewed by the Chiropractor, they will be explained in a way that is easy to understand and a tailored treatment schedule will then be recommended. This treatment plan is specific to the individuals’ needs, and the health and wellness goals that they may have. This Report of Findings appointment is approx a 20 minute visit.

The spine & neck will be adjusted using a gentle combination of techniques that are light repetitive adjustments to encourage rather than force the movement of the joints. This will be done through a variety of techniques including the use of our drop piece tables, with the Arthrostim or iQ impulse adjusting instruments, AK technique (muscle testing), NK technique (stimulates the nervous system to relax) and manual adjustments when necessary or when requested.

One of the 4 piece drop tables


*** What To Expect On Subsequent Visits

As a client progresses through the treatment schedule, the Chiropractor will recommend specific exercises that target muscle groups to strengthen areas of weakness around the spine. These exercises are a wonderful tool for clients to use to gain spinal strength and stability, and many find it beneficial to contribute to their own progress with their Chiropractic Care.