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Which of the phases of care you choose is always up to you.

Understanding of the options of care, allows for the improvement, progress and stability of your condition.


Initial Phase – Crisis State of Acute Pain

When our clients first come in to see us, they have some form of spinal pain. Either neck pain, mid or low back pain, headaches or other pain symptoms. It’s the pain that is causing them grief, which spurs them into action to do something about it.

This pain is often from an inflammatory state and may require multiple visits over a period of several days or weeks until the symptoms settle. Often during this time people are experiencing high degrees of pain and the Chiropractor will use a combination of chiropractic treatment with the use of ice packs, Slow Release Rub, resting and possibly pain relief.

The main objective during this Initial Phase of care is to reduce the inflammation and muscle spasms, and to enable the client to feel and move more comfortably.


Second Phase – Corrective Care or Spinal Reconstruction

Corrective Care or Spinal Reconstruction, is the next process that is about correcting the underlying cause of the pain. This is correcting the cause of the initial CRISIS so it does not continue to reoccur in cycles – this is a most important phase of care.

In general, during this phase, the Chiropractor takes the client through CORRECTIVE care that begins to restore the mobility of the spinal joints, to improve the bodies function and allow the soft tissue to start to heal.

Often during this phase, the Chiropractor will give the client corrective exercises to assist in the ongoing process of the stability of, and strengthening of the spine. We find in almost every case, that when the clients do these exercises on a regular basis, they make huge steps forward in how stable and strong they feel. The duration of this phase depends upon age and fitness and is about once a week or once every two to three weeks.


Third Phase – Maintenance Care

MAINTENANCE care is focused on strengthening muscles and ligaments, stabilizing the spine, and restoring optimum function to the body. By the time a client reaches this phase they are coming in less frequently, often once every four to six weeks. The clients do not come in for adjustments due to pain or discomfort; they come instead because they want to stay in the great shape they are in.

It’s like anything really, you only get benefit from going to the gym for as long as you choose to go – the same is for Chiropractic Care. Why stop going once all of the hard work has been done? Why not reap the rewards of all the effort previously put in?

By this time, the client is often doing self help strategies regarding ‘What they Eat’, ‘How they Move‘, and ‘What they Think’, to assist in their overall health and wellbeing. Many people say this is an empowering part of their care because they feel like they are contributing greatly to their overall health and vitality!